For customers to send you a message they should fill in the Contact Form. When you receive your UENI website, this section will be entitled "Send a Message". 


Whenever a customer requests a booking or messages your business, you’ll receive a notification via your Business Hub and registered email. Remember - given that these are booking requests rather than confirmed bookings, you'll need to follow these up by responding and confirming directly with your customer.


And if you're on a paid plan, you'll also receive an instant notification via SMS!  Still on a free subscription? You can find out more about our great premium plans here.


To edit this section, just watch our easy video explanation below, or read on: 


  1. First, log into your website editor here
  2. Click Section, then select Contact Form
  3. You’ll then be able to edit the following fields: 
    • Section title (40 character limit)
    • Subtitle
    • Warning text
  4. Finally, just press Save once you are happy with your edits!

If you have any questions or need further help, please message our team here.