Please note: You can only add such different payment methods once the shopping cart feature has been activated. This can be activated following the instructions outlined here. This feature is exclusively available to paying customers on Plus and higher subscriptions. If you're on a free plan, please click here and upgrade your subscription first. 

With the shopping cart feature activated, you're now ready to start selling products online!

As with any business selling products online, it's always good to have multiple payment methods for your customers to choose from and proceed with purchasing your products.

Luckily, now you can add these methods from the convenience of your UENI Hub!

First, log in to your Hub and select the Edit Website tab.

Next, click Settings.

Once in settings, click on Shopping Cart.

After clicking on Shopping Cart, select the Payment Methods.

Once in Payment Methods, you will have the option of adding the following four payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Master Card (card payment)
  • Visa (card payment)
  • Cash

The card payment options will be available automatically, as they are the primary methods of payment for your customers.

You can enable accepting cash payments upon collection or delivery by checking the following option:

If you'd rather have your customers pay directly using their own PayPal account, you may enable this option by checking the following option:

You can also add payment notes in this section for any additional information you would like to convey to your customers.

Your customers can double-check your payment methods and payment notes by clicking on Merchant Policies during the checkout process.

Congratulations, now your customers have the option to select from multiple payment methods straight from the convenience of your own website!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our support team by messaging us here. We're always happy to help.