Did you know that signing up for an annual Plus or Reputation plan also comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee?  

Here’s how it works: 

If you sign up or upgrade to our annual Plus or Reputation plan and you are not satisfied for any reason in the first three months, we will refund the cost of your subscription. This allows you to try our service risk-free for three months, which is usually the minimum amount of time a business needs to start seeing results.

There is a small catch, since we only want to work with businesses that are serious about growing their business. 

In order to be eligible for the Happiness guarantee, we ask that you complete a few basic steps that are necessary for your success.

  1. Verify your Google My Business listing (if not already done automatically) and connect it to your UENI website. Request our team to complete an advanced Google My Business optimization.

This will help you get found in local search results. According to Google data, customers are 70% more likely to choose a business that has a completed Google My Business listing. UENI customers that verified their Google My Business received more bookings, leads, calls and sales than those who did not.  

  1. List at least 5 services or products and provide your own images and descriptions for all of the services or products on your UENI website.

Based on our survey of 2000 customers, more extensive service lists, complete service descriptions and custom images result in more customer enquiries. To give you a sense of just how important this can be:

  • Businesses with 10+ services receive more than 2x leads than those with less than 5 services. 

  • Businesses with 25+ products see 2x the sales of shops with less than 5 products. 

  • Stores with 100+ character product descriptions see 13x sales of shops without descriptions. 

  1. Complete the 1-on-1 launch call with one of our website experts and request a website optimization from our team.

Our personalised coaching sessions receive rave reviews, mostly because they save you so much time highlighting the key actions that will drive the most results. After a 30-60 minute call, we can then get to work on optimizing your website with additional content and improved design, to help you rank better.

  1. Post your website link on social media and create one promotion per month on your website and social media.

Businesses that link their social media to their UENI website and post regularly on social media see 3x as many leads and sales as those that do not. 

  1. Request and respond to at least 5 customer reviews on Google.

We have found that 5-15 positive Google reviews are the sweet spot for getting more calls, bookings and customers. Different studies have shown that 70-95% of customers consult online reviews before making a purchase. 

  1. [product sellers / ecommerce only] Connect your UENI products to Google, Facebook and Instagram.

One of the fastest ways to grow your audience of customers is to make sure you can sell through Google, Facebook and Instagram. This can be done automatically through UENI with a few clicks. UENI stores that activate this connection see 2-3x more sales than those that do not.

While we will do most of the heavy lifting, you and your participation are vital to your success. Our team will assist you with each of these things to make it as easy as possible for you.  If you aren’t able to complete these few steps to grow your business meaningfully, then we are probably not a good fit for your business, and that’s OK too.

Please contact us on Live Chat if you have any questions or need help getting started on the Plus or Reputation plans.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to speak to our team on Live Chat.