Important: To activate this feature, you will need to have created groups/categories for your products, and to link your PayPal account to the website. If you haven't done it yet, click here to learn how. If you are not on a premium plan subscription, click here to upgrade.

If you’re on a premium plan, you have access to our fantastic Product Variation Tool. This means that you’ll be able to add information about sizes, colors, materials, etc. to your products in the Products section.  


Why is this valuable? 

Product variations allow you to specify different options for your products, each with multiple values. You will be able to define different prices for these variations as well as their in-stock/out-of-stock status.

How do I activate it?

In the Editor, on the Products section, scroll down until you see the tile to activate product variations, which looks like this:

After that, the first step is to organize your products by group, and for this example, we will use a T-Shirt seller:

Then add your individual products:

Once those steps are completed, each product can have variations, such as the ones below:

Product tags are available, and it's very relevant to use this feature because they are important for Google Shopping and to help improve your page SEO:

Finally, the general description of the product needs to be added.

When you've added all the necessary information about your product, you can add up to 10 images (click here to learn how) to best describe to your customers all the variations available for that product:

Once you've completed these steps, click on "Save Changes" and your product will be shown with its available variations!

You will also have the chance to manage your stock and easily show your customers what products are available or not

If you have any questions, please reach us using live chat (click here to learn how). We're always happy to help.