The saying continues to ring true: Nothing is certain except death and taxes. So, despite the dread you might feel before the tax filing deadline, it’s got to be done—this year, next year, and the year after. How can you make the tax filing season a little more bearable? All it takes is a little preparation and the right tools!

FreshBooks saves you the time and stress of collecting and verifying everything you need to file your taxes confidently. Thanks to UENI’s partnership with Freshbooks, you can start today and save 90% for 4 months*! Click here to sign up! This partnership is limited to our US and CA customers.

How can FreshBooks help my business?

Most business owners know that some of their expenses are deductible. So tracking business expenses for your home office, travel, software subscriptions, and anything else that helps you run your business is extremely important. Sure, a spreadsheet might work if you only have a few items to track (and time to do so). But as your business grows, so will your items, and you don’t want to run into errors as you expand.

FreshBooks users organize their expenses 25% faster, leaving plenty of time to prepare their books before the tax deadline. You can save up to 553 hours each year by using FreshBooks for accounting and invoicing. Automate these tasks and spend more time serving your clients.

Accounting software like FreshBooks simplifies expense tracking and other more complex accounting tasks. With FreshBooks, you can:

  • Track expenses without lifting a finger, so you know where your money’s going. Simply connect your bank account and say goodbye to manual entry.

  • Effortlessly assign tax-friendly expense categories so you’re prepared at tax time.

  • Track your expenses on the move via a mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

  • Store your receipts in the cloud so you don’t lose them if disaster strikes.

  • Easily pull billable expenses into an invoice, so you’re not losing out on client income.

Use FreshBooks today to improve how you track deductible expenses, reduce your total tax bill, and get the best tax refund possible.

Is Freshbooks trustworthy?

Hear more about how FreshBooks Helping Small Business Owners Run Their Businesses:

  • Over 30 Million People have used FreshBooks

  • Over $60 Billion Invoices paid through FreshBooks

  • Over 192 Hours Saved annually using FreshBooks

And, just like UENI, they’ve got your back! FreshBooks’ experts can assist you with whatever you need – from sending your first invoice to accepting credit cards online to migrating onto FreshBooks. Reach out by phone, email, or chat, and get a real person every time.

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