growth planThis guide will help you understand how to utilize the Customer Portal effectively. Our customer portal is designed to streamline your onboarding process and, for those on our growthplan, to provide a collaborative space for ongoing marketing and online presence development.

Key Uses of the Customer Portal

1. Onboarding Process Tracking and Completion

What is the Onboarding Process?

The onboarding process is a structured sequence of steps designed to integrate you into our services efficiently and effectively. This process ensures that you understand and can utilize all the features and tools provided, setting a strong foundation for success. Through the onboarding process, we aim to familiarize you with our platform, address any initial questions or concerns, and set you up for long-term success whilst ensuring that you are truly happy and satisfied with your website.

The Customer Portal

The customer portal is essential for all customers during the onboarding phase. It allows you and our onboarding agents to track your progress and ensure all necessary steps are completed. This process is organized into various categories, each containing specific tasks that need to be addressed. Below is an overview of the tasks you might encounter in your onboarding checklist when applicable:

Category: Products & Services

  • Understanding UENI's Product Section: Ensure you fully grasp how our product section works.

  • Products Ready for Orders: Confirm that all your products are set up and ready to process orders.

  • Connecting PayPal Account: Make sure your PayPal account is linked to UENI.

  • Configuring Shopping Cart: Verify that your online store's shopping cart is fully configured.

  • Understanding UENI's Services Section: Learn how to manage and utilize our services section.

  • Understanding the Booking System: Get familiar with our booking system for your services.

  • Services Ready to Receive Leads: Ensure all your services are prepared to receive customer leads.

Category: Basic Know-How

  • Functionality of the UENI Editor: Learn how to use the UENI Editor effectively.

  • Functionality of the UENI Hub: Understand how to navigate and utilize the UENI Hub.

  • Sharing Your Website: Recognize the importance of sharing your website on social media.

  • Understanding Pro Features: Become aware of the pro features available in your package.

Category: Website Satisfaction

  • Website Satisfaction: Confirm that you are satisfied with your website's design and functionality.

Category: Domain

  • Understanding Domains: Learn what a domain is and its importance.

  • Claiming Your Domain: Ensure you have claimed your domain.

  • Connecting Custom Domain: Verify that your custom domain is connected.

  • Professional Business Email: Claim your professional business email address.

Category: Google Business Profile

  • Google Business Account Verification: Make sure your Google Business account is verified.

  • Requesting Google Profile Optimization: Request optimization for your Google profile.

This structured checklist helps both you and our agents keep track of what has been accomplished and what still needs attention, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

By understanding and utilizing the key features of your plan, you can ensure that your business’ website is set up for success from the very beginning. Our structured checklist not only helps you stay on track but also ensures that no crucial steps are overlooked. As you progress through the onboarding process, you will become more familiar with our platform, confident in using our tools, and ready to maximize the benefits of our services.

We are committed to providing you with the support and resources needed to achieve your business goals. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is always here to help. Embrace the potential of the Customer Portal and take the first step towards a successful and prosperous online presence journey.

2. Collaborative Space for Growth Plan Customers

This article explains the basics of the Growth Program as well as the use we make of the Customer Portal in the context of the Growth Program.

What is the Growth Program?

With the growth program, we will empower you to become your own digital marketer through coaching provided by the UENI Growth Marketing Experts. 

I am sure you’re familiar with "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." 

This is exactly what we will do for you!

We're here to guide you in mastering the art of digital marketing, striving for lasting success for your business.

In this collaborative model, we work together to achieve your goals: a dedicated Marketing Expert will delve deeply into comprehending your business, tailoring a program specifically for you.

It begins with a thorough Online Presence Assessment and Goal Setting session: we define realistic and achievable goals based on your current online presence and tailor a strategy to match

These goals and strategies are regularly reviewed and updated by your Growth Marketing Expert.

We then craft actionable tasks in alignment with your Strategy Definition, completed during onboarding and revisited at each call. These tasks are designed to fit your goals, pace, and time commitment, ensuring steady and predictable progress towards your objectives. For example:

  • Encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences on social media platforms or refer friends and family.

  • Monitor reviews across various platforms (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.) and address any emerging trends or recurring feedback.

  • Promote your blog posts through social media channels, email newsletters, and relevant online communities.

  • Develop a content calendar with specific themes, hashtags, and posting schedules for each social media platform.

  • Actively engage with followers by responding to comments, messages, and mentions in a timely manner.

The Portal

The Customer Portal is the hub for all your Growth Program activities. This centralised platform is designed to ensure seamless communication and efficient management of your growth journey. 

Below, we will break down the key components of the Portal and how they facilitate your engagement with the Growth Program.

Growth Onboarding Workflow

The Growth Onboarding Workflow is a structured, four-step process that guides both our agents and you, the customer, through the initial stages of the Growth Program. This workflow includes:

  • Online Presence Assessment: Our agents conduct a comprehensive review of your current online presence to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Goals Definition: We work with you to set realistic and achievable goals based on the insights from the Online Presence Assessment.

  • Strategy Definition: Together, we develop a tailored strategy to meet your defined goals, focusing on the most impactful actions.

  • Presentation of the Growth Program: This step involves introducing you to the detailed workings of the Growth Program, including the "rules of the road." We outline what you can expect from the program and what is expected from you in this collaborative effort.

Growth Program Tasks

Once you have completed the onboarding process, the Growth Program Tasks section becomes the focal point of your ongoing engagement. 

This workflow lists all the tasks assigned by your Growth Account Managers (AMs) as part of your personalised strategy. Key features include:

  • Rolling Task Assignments: Tasks are continuously updated and assigned based on the outcomes of each Growth Call. These tasks are crafted to align with your strategy and are designed to be manageable within the timeframe between calls.

  • Flexibility and Support: We understand that maintaining a balance between your business operations and growth activities can be challenging. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend your Growth Calls regularly, even if some tasks are incomplete. Our AMs will assess your progress and adjust the pace accordingly, ensuring that the program supports your growth without adding unnecessary stress.

Resources and Tutorials

The Portal houses a wealth of resources and tutorials that are integral to your personalised Growth Program. These materials are curated to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to execute your strategy effectively. Examples of available tutorials include:

  • Email Marketing: Learn how to create compelling email campaigns that engage your audience and drive conversions.

  • Social Media: Master the art of social media marketing with tips on content creation, platform-specific strategies, and audience engagement.

  • Google Business Profile: Optimize your Google Business Profile to enhance local search visibility and attract more customers.

  • Lead Generation: Discover techniques for generating high-quality leads and converting them into loyal customers.

  • Marketing Funnel and Customer Journey: Understand the customer journey and how to guide prospects through your marketing funnel.

  • SEO and Keyword Analysis: Improve your website’s search engine rankings with effective SEO strategies and keyword analysis tools.

  • Technical Tutorials: Get step-by-step instructions on using tools like Google Analytics and Meta Pixel to track and analyze your digital marketing performance.

Interaction and Collaboration

The Portal also facilitates seamless interaction and collaboration between you and your Growth AMs. You can:

  • Share Documents: Easily upload and share relevant documents with your AMs.

  • Mention and Notifications: Use mentions to draw attention to specific documents or points within shared files. Both you and your AMs will receive notifications for mentions, ensuring that important information is promptly addressed.

In conclusion, The Customer Portal is an invaluable tool designed to enhance your onboarding experience, streamline your experience with the Growth Program, making it easier to track your progress, access valuable resources, maintain effective communication with your Growth Marketing Experts or Onboarding Agent and provide ongoing support for your business’ online growth.

By efficiently guiding you through each step of the process, the portal ensures that you are well-equipped to leverage our services and tools to their fullest potential. From tracking your onboarding tasks to optimizing your online presence, the Customer Portal offers a comprehensive and organized approach to managing your journey with us.